Hippo is an award winning marketing and digital communications company.

We’ve developed a blend of insight, creativity and digital know-how that has led us to see the world of marketing clearly. We’d like you to experience the world the way we see it, where data turns into information and information turns into action.

We’ve assembled a team that can work alongside yours to understand the challenges you face, explore the things that will attract and engage your customers, delivering creative marketing solutions that will interest, entice and excite them.

We do insight, creative, digital
and delivery. It’s how we do it that matters.

We’ve learned that success is all in the preparation, so we take time to explore and to learn. We don’t take things for granted and we certainly don’t claim to know it all. Our approach is based on a methodical development of insight into your business and your customers.

Equipped with the right knowledge we take action that leads to a measurable return on your marketing investment.

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It all starts with a conversation. We need to understand your aims and objectives and once we know where you want to be we can start to explore what the journey might look like.

What makes you tick, how your customers behave and what influences them will all emerge during the insight development process. We’ll work with you to understand your customers by analysing and profiling data, creating segmentation models and developing acquisition and loyalty strategies.

Once we’ve got a plan we’ll begin to think about delivery.

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Creativity in marketing isn’t limited to the pursuits of art direction, design, copywriting, photography, illustration and animation. All these things are vital and they are all things we deliver.

What makes the difference is the way we combine creativity with insight to deliver campaigns and programmes that engage customers as individuals, appealing to their tastes and aspirations in a highly personalised way to trigger the response you want.

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We all live digital lives; it’s just that some of us are more digital than others. That’s why we tailor the way we use technology to fit the people we’re engaging with.

We design and develop applications to streamline business processes, engage customers at home, at work and on the move and we integrate with other systems to deliver seamless online experiences and create efficiencies.

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Great projects need great people. We’re proud of our team and we know that when you get to know them you’ll understand why.

Each of us has specific skills, talents and interests and we use them in different combinations to deliver great results. Among the projects we’ve delivered are an array of websites, online CRM applications, multi-channel integrated campaigns, mobile apps, communications strategies, direct marketing programmes, behaviour change projects and brand development initiatives.

It’s a diverse list that reflects the adaptability and flexibility of the Hippo team.

Take a look at our work or call us to learn  more.

Conmech Logo - Case Study

Brand Identity
Corporate Website
Marketing Collateral

Creating a profile for the world-class products, services and facilities offered by Con Mech began with a new visual identity. This has now established a distinctive position for the organisation and has been applied to a suite of marketing collateral and a website that is establishing the Con Mech name in markets globally.

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Go North East Logo - Case Study

Market Insight
Direct Marketing
Prospect Management

Following the development of clear market insight we applied our findings to the design of direct marketing activities using on-demand print & hyper-personalisation to create a truly individual customer experience.

Lakes Distillery Logo - Case Study

Market Insight
Direct Marketing
Prospect Management

Profiling customers based on historical sales data enabled us to understand the factors that characterized the company’s best customers. Using this insight, we were able to design direct marketing campaigns that reflected customer tastes and prospect among contacts with a higher propensity to purchase.

LEICA Logo - Case Study

App Development
CRM Integration
Business Optimisation
Marketing Collateral

In addition to designing a wide range of marketing materials for this international life sciences business, we've delivered Apple iOS apps for use by the business and its customers. The apps integrate with key business systems to create excellent customer experiences globally.

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LEAP - Case Study

Web App Development
Project Management
Behaviour Change

In a major project to support people moving from work to retirement we worked closely with the University’s multi-discipline team to create an online resource to support positive behaviour change in various aspects of people’s lives including food, physical activity and social engagement.

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Pacifica - Case Study

Business Analysis
Web App Development
Direct Marketing

Working with Pacifica for over five years we have helped them to transform the way they engage with customers to create a sophisticated online suite that supports sales, customer service delivery and direct marketing.

UK Land Estates Logo - Case Study

Corporate Identity
Web Design
Web Development
Marketing Collateral

Our long term relationship with this commercial property company has seen us provide a wide range of marketing services, touching every aspect of the company’s brand development and marketing deployment.

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