Hippo is an award winning, data-driven marketing company and we’ve been around since 1992.

We’re the glue that helps Senior Managers join-up all the dots between their business data and their communications. 

We’re also unique. Hippo is the only company offering a tailored end-to-end service combining Technology, Data, Interfaces, Analysis, Modelling, Design and Marketing in the North East.

Pulling together all data sources - or building them if needed – we create a single customer view of a company’s data. This allows us to deliver real actionable marketing insight using data analytics and modelling, and we turn this insight into hyper-personalised marketing across multiple channels to achieve increased campaign effectiveness.

We drive successful campaigns by focusing on a client’s ‘real’ objectives, which means they see results. Everything we do is measurable against their business goals and we will always provide results.

More than this though… we work with clients as partners, because that’s the best way to unlock their data potential, making sure they’re always able to show and evaluate the ROI from whatever they do.

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