True Data Driven Marketing for a Changed World

There was once a time - not so very long ago - when data was something an IT guy dealt with, and driving a business forward was about salespeople, events, big budget marketing and advertising campaigns.

No longer. Today the use of data is absolutely integral… it drives everything. From management reports, to warehouse inventories and delivery signatures… from telesales lists and customer service queries, to finances and admissions.  

Today it’s no longer enough to use single data lists to send out defined, rigid campaigns and communications. Today is about using business intelligence to actively predict who is most likely to buy or act, when they are likely to do it, and what they are likely to want to do on an individual by individual basis… and it’s also about recognising who is less likely to buy or act and what can we do to prevent them from lapsing before they even know they want to lapse.  

In today’s game, the design and marketing - whilst still important - becomes a function driven by the knowledge, understanding and decisions derived from the customer and prospect data… exactly as it should be. And this means marketing is no longer just based on ‘gut feeling’ or whether a design ‘looks good’, it’s based on hard facts, deliberate thinking and decision-making, so it’s much more in tune with management’s requirement that it be measured.

That’s why Hippo Marketing has changed.

We have re-aligned our design and marketing services and developed a whole new business model; a model that brings together a client’s disparate data sources into a meaningful Single Customer View, converts it into actionable business intelligence, that can creates hyper-personalised communications to achieve the clients objectives.

Ultimately, achieving the clients objectives translates into increasing response rates, driving more revenue, and improving the bottom line.

And this isn’t theoretical. This is being used to create measurable impact on a regular basis for businesses as wide ranging as Go North East, Middlesbrough College, Durham Housing Group and North East Ambulance Service.

Nobody else based in the North East offers this full technology, analysis, data-modelling, marketing and design end-to-end service.

This used to cost a small fortune. Just a year ago this would be the sort of service only enterprise or top-end mid-market businesses could afford, and they would have had to go to somewhere like London or Manchester to get it. But by basing the expertise in the North East and by using off-the-shelf components we have brought the benefits of data driven marketing into the budget reach of most medium sized organisations.

True… it’s not for everyone. To maximise benefits a business really needs to have 10,000+ data records and several disparate databases, but if they do, those improvements in business intelligence, decision-making, and the ability to increase response rates can be enormous.

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