A data-driven marketing campaign to get Stagecoach moving in the North East

Stagecoach is one of the UK’s largest bus operators, employing 20,000 staff and transporting more than three million passengers per day.

The brief:

  • To encourage non or infrequent bus users onto key bus routes in the North East.
  • To identify catchment areas of potential new customers.
  • To target all potential bus-users with a free ticket offer.
  • To achieve an 8% response rate.

Hippo’s solution:

  • To use multiple Open Data sources to create an accurate customer profile.
  • To identify 100,000 households on established bus routes within 400m of a bus stop.
  • To design a hyper-personalised marketing package.
  • To execute the campaign via direct mail.


  • 24% response – three times the client target (and more than seven times the standard response rate according to the Direct Marketing Association).
  • 23,985 new ‘cash buyer’ travellers identified.
  • 4,165 passengers added to the email database for future promotions.

The direct mail delivers all the relevant information in a clear and practical format, including details of routes, times and a map highlighting the most convenient local bus stop.

The free bus ticket offer was incorporated into the mailer to add an effective and user-friendly call to action.

A successful example of how Hippo’s data-driven marketing can put bums in seats and your business moving in the right direction.

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