Developing a website which boosts both traffic and sales

How Hippo’s digital expertise transformed Salamander Pumps’ company website into a one-stop shop for consumers, installers and merchants.

Salamander Pumps is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shower and domestic water pumps. The company is committed to innovation and excellence, so Hippo was a natural choice to overhaul its digital profile. 

The brief:

  • To overhaul Salamander Pumps’ online presence to reflect the shift in focus from merchants to installers and householders.
  • To redesign the website to appeal to and satisfy the demands of all potential consumers. 
  • To create a central online point of contact that displays all the product and technical information required to make buying decisions.
  • To build-in quick and easy site administration for updating content and ongoing development. 

Hippo’s solution:

  • To conduct a comprehensive audit of the old site using Google Analytics. 
  • To profile precisely how users were interacting with the site and the keys areas of traffic.
  • To design a Lobby area on the home page, to instantly signpost all users on their specific customer journey. 
  • To catalogue all products by category, using high-resolution images, clear tables and jargon-free language. 
  • To build-in all relevant consumer content, including memberships, downloads, videos and a dedicated customer service.
  • To design a bespoke Content Management System to allow easy administration and information updates.
  • To fully integrate the site using Microsoft Dynamics to manage warranty registrations and installer loyalty schemes. 


  • A slick, stylish new reimagining of Salamander Pumps’ digital proposition.   
  • An online sales catalogue with easy ‘one-click’ access to key specifications and related products.
  • Targeted ‘customer journeys’ for householders and installers, based on the specific behavioural intelligence.  
  • Innovative step-by-step guides and interactive product comparison, boosting customer interaction and generating organic sales.
  • A fully interactive, user-friendly and intuitive online hub for consumers and industry alike.

An example of how Hippo’s unique combination of data analytics and digital design has transformed traffic, prompted unprecedented site interaction and boosted organic sales generation for Salamander Pumps.  

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