How a bespoke business intelligence platform can transform customer relations

County Durham Housing Group is one of the North East’s largest housing associations, covering over 850 square miles from Durham city centre to the east coastline. The group is continually striving to provide better housing services, homes and communities and places tenants at the very heart of their business.

The brief:

  • To improve the tenancy experience and better understand requirements.
  • To improve access to tenant information and allow easy management information updates.
  • To create a central hub for tenant data.
  • To help translate complex data from multiple sources into practical, actionable intelligence.

Hippo’s solution:

  • To design a bespoke Business Intelligence Platform.
  • To build algorithms that accurately map tenant behaviours.
  • To provide a Single Customer View (SCV) that consolidates all data in one place.
  • To design practical, at-a-glance visuals in a single dashboard.
  • To build in the facility to integrate additional data sources with real-time updating.
  • To provide secure access from multiple devices.


  • A future-proof platform and business hub that harnesses the power of digital intelligence.
  • A user-friendly, one-stop shop of tenant information accessible from any device.
  • Consolidated data from multiple sources stylishly presented in one coherent package.
  • Data models that can be used proactively to focus resources and improve tenant engagement.
  • Practical, evidence-based intelligence to support decision making at all levels.

A practical example of how Hippo’s purpose-designed Business Intelligence Platforms can boost customer engagement, raise aspirations and shape the way you do business.

But don’t take our word for it…

“The new platform brings together all of the data we collect and turns it into a resource we can use to help shape the way we do business.

It gives us the tools we need to make informed decisions about our day to day business and our plans for the future. But critically it means
that we better understand the needs of our tenants, current and prospective.”
Marie Roe, Group Director of Performance and Business Development

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