How Hippo’s unique data analysis and customer insight can unlock sales secrets

Mammoth is an award winning mattress and bed company specialising in Medical Grade foam, for high quality comfort and sleep quality. Partnerships include the NHS, private healthcare companies and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. And the company is endorsed by many elite athletes, including Olympic medal winners.

The brief:

  • To provide insight into their sales activity.
  • To better understand customers, their buying habits and requirements.
  • To identify potential areas of growth and to increase market penetration.

Hippo’s solution:

  • To source additional data to help create an accurate customer profile.
  • To use Experian Mosaic, Open Data and analytical techniques to plot customer behaviours.
  • To develop visualised, at-a-glance reporting for multiple users.


  • Current and new data consolidated into coherent, actionable intelligence.
  • Improved sales techniques, staff training and engagement with stockists.
  • Revealing insight into sales patterns per customer, product and outlet.
  • Streamlined reporting delivering visualised, at-a-glance results.

A demonstration of how unlocking the data potential of an already successful business model can provide a foundation for previously unseen growth.

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