How Housing Companies are using data to enhance performance

Gateshead Housing Company is a non-profit organisation responsible for the day-to-day management of nearly 20,000 homes. Its aim is to provide quality homes and customer-focused services in Gateshead as well as meeting a number of tough performance targets set by both the government and Gateshead Council.


  • Provide a means of identifying tenants who may be at risk of falling into rent arrears.
  • Create a way to identify tenants who are more likely to require repairs to their properties.
  • Ensure any intelligence provided remains up-to-date.


  • Use rent history and repairs data to divide tenants into groups representing their risk of falling into arrears and their potential to require repairs to a property.
  • Provide tools that allow visual analysis of the personal attributes of all Gateshead Housing Company tenants, identifying common factors within risk groups such as age, marital status, benefit status or location.
  • Produce interactive maps to display risk data geographically, allowing quick identification of potential hot-spots.
  • Integrate with Gateshead Housing Companies internal systems to make use of new data as soon as it becomes available.


  • Improved ability to identify tenants in need of additional support and intervene before problems arise.
  • Capability to quickly identify geographic trends and highlight potential problem locations.
  • Visibility of the sociodemographic factors across the entire tenant-base.
  • Multiple data sources combined to create a unified intelligence source.
  • Scope to provide further KPIs for other areas of Gateshead Housing
  • operations through live data links.

An example of how your customer data can be turned in to a powerful tool that improves performance.

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