Turning raw data into results using advanced data consolidation and analysis

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (Nesta) is a Government-backed foundation that runs large-scale projects promoting innovation and creative research across a broad range of sectors.

Through its Office of Data Analytics (ODA) programme, one of Nesta’s goals is to find ways of using digital intelligence to deliver a more efficient public service.

The brief:

  • To pull together disparate social care and health data relating to alcohol harm in the North East.
  • To identify areas of maximum risk and urgency so resources can be distributed more effectively.
  • To translate complex data into actionable intelligence to help shape future policy
  • Data visualisation using Microsoft Power BI.

Hippo’s solution: 

  • To apply dataset overlays and bespoke algorithm analysis to all data.
  • To source additional data from several lead authorities.
  • To develop and apply bespoke reporting techniques to create a single customer view.


  • Consolidated data from multiple sources into one coherent package.
  • Streamlined reporting delivering visualised, at-a-glance results.
  • Practical, evidence-based intelligence for informed decision making.

Through specialised data analytics, Hippo’s specialists were able to quickly identify patterns and better understand the issues around alcohol harm. This allows the potential for local authorities to focus their valuable resources in the areas of greatest need, targeting prevention and early intervention wherever possible.

An example of how Hippo’s unique data consolidation and analysis is helping business turn rhetoric into reality.

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